Who We Are

I’m sure many people think we must be a sad bunch of anti-social no-lifers who can’t function in the real world to be making so much fuss over a game. In fact, we are all sorts of people:

  • Mothers
  • Business owners
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Social workers
  • Administrators
  • Advertisers
  • Illustrators
  • English teachers living abroad
  • Homemakers & Housewives
  • Students – Middle school, high school, and college
  • University students majoring in nursing, medicine, psychology, law, IT, multimedia, speech therapy, real estate, etc.
  • Pre-School teachers
  • Kindergarten teachers
  • Kids (those too young for a Facebook account play on their parents’ accounts)
  • Retired individuals
  • Seamstresses
  • Baristas
  • Writers
  • Lyricists
  • Graphic designers
  • Translators
  • Lawyers
  • Restaurant cooks
  • Pastry chefs
  • Tour guides
  • Biology teachers
  • Music Theory teachers
  • Engineers
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Health activists
  • Ballerinas
  • Veterinarians
  • and many more.

Pet Society might sound like just another silly kids’ game to those who aren’t familiar with it, but to us it’s much more than that. It’s a world free of prejudice, violence, intolerance, and the kind of stuff that’s all over the news and TV these days. It’s not that we live in a world devoid of reality, we just like to be able to take a break from it once in a while.

We’re regular people, probably a lot like you, with real-life jobs, pets, families, and responsibilities, and we’re just fighting to preserve something we strongly feel is worth saving.

If you don’t believe us, give it a try.

What is Pet Society?

Pet Society is a game set in a world where anything goes. Players start by customizing their pet’s appearance and giving it a name. With thousands of possible combinations of colors, head shapes, eyes, noses, ears, mouth, and eyebrows, every pet is completely unique.

We are given the choice to name our pets and many of us give them names that are special to us in some way. Many name their digital pet after a beloved real-life pets, some after sorely-missed pets that are no longer with them.

We earn coins by doing tasks and activities, then buy clothing and furniture with the money we make, and decorate our pet’s house – each according to our own tastes and styles.

Over the years, Playfish/EA introduced new features such as cooking, questing, crafting, digging for treasure, racing turkeys, new catch in the fish pond, finding the Mayor’s lost pets, etc. By completing quests, we earned special items and extra rooms for our house that are not available for purchase.

Because of these numerous time-sensitive quests set to us by EA, we spent more and more time playing Pet Society and improving our pets’ homes, which for a lot of us became a second home or a home away from home. Our pets became digital extensions of our own selves and we developed an attachment to them that can’t be explained.

Pet Society is a social game, which means it takes friends to play with. We send each other gifts, parts for crafting projects, and visit each other to admire each others’ houses. Due to increasing game requirements, many of us have sought out new friends to facilitate game play. Even though we start out as strangers, we become friends through Pet Society.

On my last birthday, I logged into Pet Society to find that some of my newest friends who live in another country and whom I didn’t know in “real life”, had sent me presents – one of them a cash gift. This kind of generosity and friendship seems more and more scarce in the “real world”, but is found in abundance in Pet Society.

EA’s Shocking Announcement

On April 15th, we logged into Pet Society to collect our cooking and quests to see a shocking announcement that Pet Society would be shut down on June 14, 2013. A link directed us to a message from EA to simply say the game would no longer be available and anyone who had purchased Pet Society cash had better spend it all by June 14th or lose it. And please play their new games.

Needless to say, we were all shocked and angered. Many people had just purchased Pet Society cash which wasn’t refundable. EA must have known for days or weeks that they would be retiring this game, but they saw fit to keep quiet and let their players continue to purchase cash – some $100 at a time. One player posted on the Please Save Pet Society group wall that she had just purchased $200 worth of Pet Society cash the night before EA posted their announcement.

Some players have spent as much as $3,000 in Pet Society cash. Of course most of us knew that a game like this couldn’t last forever, but none of us were expecting it to end this quickly and unceremoniously.

What makes us just as upset is the thought of never seeing our pets again. Playfish/EA designed this game with the intent of making players attached to their pets. They devised quests and crafting activities to increase our game playing tme and strengthen our attachments to our pets.

The fact that they don’t even consider the money, time and energy millions of players have put into their pets and games is what angers us most.

What We Want from EA

  1. Keep the game online – with or without updates. If it is infeasible to develop new themes, we would be more than happy for things to stay as they are, so long as we can still visit our pets. The thousands of items (clothing, furniture, decor, etc.) Playfish has already designed for this game are enough to keep us happy for years.
  2. Try to sell the game to another company. Throwing away 5 years’ worth of superb artwork done by the Playfish team is a huge waste of time, money, and talent.
  3. Let us download our games. If Pet Society can’t be preserved online, at least let us keep what we’ve worked for in our games for 4-5 years and keep our pets on our own computers.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for creating this excellent site! You’ve done a great job of gathering many comments and articles covering what I suspect will be seen as a major corporate blunder by EA. This callous treatment of a devoted fan base will leave many players reluctant to invest in future online games. I’ve set up a blog where my husband and I (and friends) attempt to describe why this lovely game has been so compelling for us over the past four years.

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