EA calls “2 Save Pet Society” Group Leader!

EA calls Active Members 2 Save Pet Society Group Leader!

2 days ago, an EA representative called Selena, leader of the Active Members 2 Save Pet Society Facebook Group, to tell her that all the noise we have been making on Facebook and Twitter has been noticed by the board.

A few weeks ago, he had told us:

“I will keep my ears open and, in the event a possibility opens up down the road, I will let you know.”

Now, thanks to Selena’s hard work in motivating the members of the 2 Save Pet Society Group to keep fighting even after the close of the game, it looks like the possibility is opening up. The fact that our EA rep called Selena (not the other way around) is a very positive sign that things are headed in the right direction.

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you sign the new petition to as EA to grant us the Limited Use License. This will help to show EA how many people are still interested in Pet Society after all this time.

Then share, Tweet, and tell all your old Pet Society neighbors to do the same!

For more info on what this is about see Save Pet Society 2.0.


6 thoughts on “EA calls “2 Save Pet Society” Group Leader!

  1. Great work my boys would be so happy. We had four pets in our family. One each, my autistic sons got all their aunts etc to get pets to send them gifts. We use to birthday “gift bomb” the boys. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Great news. I have signed the petition asking for a Limited User License to be granted. I loved playing Pet Society, it was my favourite game and I miss visiting my pet D’ete daily. I really hope I can visit her again in the future.

  3. Please i want to know more about this, do we need just mercy or we can do something like.. pay to have our game back? i have played it for a long time and i miss it a lot, save our game please

    • This would be so amazing!
      I have also played almost since the beginning… I have no interest in any other games, and would certify ky never consuder supporting anything from EA unless they brought back PS.
      Thanks to Selena abs everyone involved for your ongoing efforts!
      You rock!!

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